I'm currently obsessing over my high waisted shorts from Topshop. I recently got it with a few doubts, but now I haven't been regretting it ever since. I'm so happy I gave in, because it's such a great item to have in your wardrobe. It's so easy to pair with anything. 

Where to Find: Topshop
I got this bag during a year end sale at Mango. I think the detail, chain, and studs made me purchase it as soon as I saw it. I've been loving it since.

Where to Find: Mango
My favourite blush of all time. Orgasm by NARS. As you can see, I have been genuinely using the product on my face. I was first introduced to this powdered blush by my mom and I've been thanking her ever since. This product goes beyond expectations when it comes to giving my cheeks colour, since I tend to get pale at certain times. *sad face*

Where To Find: NARS, Rustans, Essences
I was in Beauty Bar at Rockwell, and I discovered this lip product because of its cute packaging! The name certainly did catch my attention as well. Shut Up & Kiss Me, sounds like a product you would find while browsing through tumblr. This lippie moisturises your lips with a beautifully coloured tint, which is why it does not disappoint. 

Where to Find: Beauty Bar
I squealed when I got this for Christmas. I'm an absolute sucker for Stila lipglosses because of the packaging and how great the product is itself. One of my favorite brands because it definitely works its wonders! 

Where to Find: Stila, Rustans
And last but certainly not the least, I've been writing more on my journal now. Yay! I always prefer a creative outlet such as writing because you get to express yourself in the most honest way. 

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  1. Great post:))) x

  2. Those are some really cool finds! Ugh, so jealous of all of them.

  3. Love how artistic you are :) Love this post.


  4. im like ur #1 fan bella pls follow me on twitter ilysm bellyy

  5. Ughh love that bag! I want it soo bad :|


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