Clean & Clear: Certified Made for Teens!


As a teenager, having pimples, blackheads or oily skin is inevitable. We often go through the day wishing for clean and smooth skin, especially in this hot and humid weather. 

What if I tell you that there is a solution to all your skin problems? #1 US Teen skincare brand known as Clean & Clear certainly works its wonders in treating teen skin problems. Did you know that the facial wash you are using now may be causing you to get irritations such as dry skin? Worry no more, because Clean & Clear is specially formulated for younger skin, which means that it effectively fights teen skin problems with a different kind of caring (unlike older skin care products). That is why Clean & Clear is #TeenSkinFriendly. It is absolutely #madeforteens!

Ever since I used their products, I instantly became a fan of the Clean & Clear facial foaming wash because it is just so gentle to the skin. After washing your face, the difference really is visible. It undeniably helps prevent one of my biggest and worst enemies: pimples, blackheads and an oily face! 
This brightening lemon cleanser contains an anti-bac ingredient that really helps fight pimples, blackheads and oil. It includes lemon bursting beads that go hand & hand in brightening your skin  and leaving your #skinsobright and fresh everyday!
#Skinergize your face with this energizing berry facial cleanser! The first time I used the product, I was pleased by its fresh and zesty smell. I applied it onto my face and gently massaged the product and it did not disappoint. At all. That's because the formula has bursting beads that perks your skin for a sensational feeling!

Take note: If you continuously apply these products everyday, you will see the results in a matter of weeks. 

I am extremely fortunate to be given a chance to blog about a product I truly support. Thank you for living up to your standards Clean & Clear!

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  2. Ahhhh!! Will definitely try these products! I get pimples a lot. :( Thanks for posting this, Ysabella! Really helped me to find a solution to get rid all of my pimples :)

  3. I was just finding the right products to use and I might just try this one!

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  9. The hydrating creme from Clean&Clear is my absolute holy grail product! I cannot live with out it, personally I think clean&clear have avery nice range.

  10. That is such a good brand! Thank you for sharing :)


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