Monthly Favorites: September

Nothing makes a woman happier than reading an issue of a brand new magazine in the warmth of a pillow-filled bed...Discovering new products is another of the many things that make us happy too. This month, most of my favourites had been pieces of literature and beauty favourites. 

If you may have noticed, my blog has been missing in action for about 2 months now. I just realised that I needed time to concentrate on school and to focus on the uncertainty of things that I want to pursue. To be quite honest, these past few months have been really hard on me, and I've doubted a lot of things about myself (which is really wrong, and it's something no one should ever do. Ever). After months of being completely uninspired, I took time to reflect upon my personal desires, goals and the things that make me happy. Blogging had been one.
Not only does Chloe Grace Moretz have a beautiful face, but upon reading about her in Allure's September issue, I can say that she is one with a beautiful soul as well. At seventeen years old, she remains fearless and fiercely talented (and I do, absolutely agree), which is seen through how she approaches her craft. She knows exactly what she wants and works hard to get it, which is something I truly admire I about her. She is definitely one of the many child stars to watch, and I am convinced that she is wise beyond her years. 
I've never really been a huge fan of all naturally made snacks, but after trying Nature Valley I had to rethink that statement. Nature Valley's granola bars are one of my absolute favourites, just because it satisfies my cravings in terms of crunch and sweetness (especially on the go). Please do try the Nature Valley Almond (sweet & salty nut) bar as well. I'm telling you, my friends and I, go all *heart eyes emoji* when eating it. It's delicious.
Bath & Body Works' Sweet Pea, reminds me of why I love scented lotion. Not only does it smell good, but it contains nourishing Milk Proteins, hydrating Rice Bran oil, and a protective Acai Berry extract in which provides moisture to the skin.
My favourites include a pair of Sunnies by Charlie in Rooney, my Maybelline cheeky glow blush-on in Wooden Rose and my Baies Sucrées lip conditioner, which I always have handy in my black Mango Touch bag. I fell in love with the double compartment body bag because it is of gold hardware, and it matches most of the outfits I would normally wear. I also really adore the books: Love & Misadventure by Lang Leav and The Lover's Dictionary by David Levithan (I'm quite late, I know...) I'm in awe of how both pieces of literature have the absolute capability of expressing a feeling (as deep as love) in the most captivating way. Kudos to both authors for leaving me teary-eyed and speechless, which proves to show that I am a very sensitive person...haha!

Music Favorites: 
Faded - ZHU
Falling - Yuna
All I Do - Majid Jordan


  1. So glad you're back to blogging! Seeing those granola bars is making me hungry, haha. Hope you're doing better now lovely! Have a wonderful day. <3

    xo, Isabelle


  2. Finally. I missed you posting, Ysabella! So glad you're back. I'm totally in love with the Love & Misadventure book, too! :)



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