I may say that January was a great month for me. After arriving in Manila on the 7th of the month, its been a quick start into a brand new year! Here's a quick look at my favourites for January.
I have to admit that I instantly fell in the love with this book once I laid my eyes on it. It lives up to its title, because it certainly does give tips & tricks about all you need to know when it comes to taking pictures (and making them prettier). It walks you through the fundamentals of composition, light, exposure and all the important aspects of photography. Not only does it tell you, but it shows you how by giving examples of various photographers as well. 
The Power Bank. An ultimate life saver (especially since iPhone battery dies out the fastest!) Use this portable tool to charge your devices wherever you are. I highly suggest getting one because it's compact and easy to carry in your bag, which is a total plus for me! Another one of my favourites is this Trader Joe's Milk Chocolate Truffle bar. It's really good! And the best part is that it's organic! P.S - Isn't the packaging just as good as well?! Manila just NEEDS a Trader Joe's :(
Through the years, I've learned that a good set of eyebrows is really an essential when it comes to the face. I've realised how much eyebrows can change how a person looks because of how it frames the facial features. I personally like fuller & thicker looking brows, so the Elf Eyebrow kit works it's wonders in that aspect. I have control over the intensity and how much of the product is placed in, which is really helpful considering that I'm a beginner. (I'm also a fan of the Benefit gimme brow volumizing gel!)

Knowing that the States was of a much colder climate, I knew that this had to be a part of my must-haves. My EOS Lipbalm in Summerfruit never fails to hydrate my lips keeping them soft and moisturised. Another one of my lip favourites has been a satin lipstick from MAC in Viva Glam II. I love how it's not such a harsh colour, and it becomes even prettier when lipgloss is placed on top.

Music Favorites: 
Good Things - Body Language
Star Guitar - The Chemical Brothers
Classic (Powers' Sunset Mix) - The Knocks


  1. I love elf's eyebrow kit, definitely one of my favs! I love the book as well, very helpful :) I love your blog by the way, I just stumbled across it and am in love!

    - Caitlin
    If you had any time to check out my blog, I would be so grateful, I'm just starting out :)


  2. Nice fave dear <3


  3. amazing blog, beautiful pictures and nice template :)



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