Swimwear from Sundae 

Being in a serene island before school starts again this June was absolutely longed for. A routine of eating all sorts of cuisine, soaking in salt water, and sleeping in a bundle of blankets was my fort√© these past couple of days. To be frank, I've always loved the beach, and just the thought of lounging around the seaside makes me smile farther than you could imagine. 

There is absolutely nothing better than watching the waves of the ocean approach the shoreline, as it washes away the sand in between your toes. The calming sound of the water as it resonates across your mind, reminding you that this was your hearts desire--to be within an island drenched in tranquility. If I could, I would spend most of my time in the company of the beach, laying on top of a hammock sipping a mango shake. But sadly, that isn't reality and I've got a ton of goals to accomplish.


  1. Black swimsuits are a classic.Nice added touch with the metallic tattoos :)



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