On a Friday afternoon, my friends and I decided to take time off to spend a couple of hours on a voyage around the historical district of Manila. More than just an inviting name, this beautiful landmark traces back down to the late 1500s, when it was founded by the first colonizers of the Philippines - the Spaniards. Through out the years, this prominent site has withstood numerous catastrophes, however it still stands valiant with a foundation that was built to last.
Nothing beats wandering around the old city than taking a guided tour with some of your closest friends. What makes it more exciting, you may ask? Cruising around the streets in a Bambike (bamboo + bicycle) with the cool wind blowing through your hair. Besides the fact that these are aesthetically pleasing bicycles, these two-wheeled vehicles offer an exceptional biking experience constructed for a smooth ride...which I can attest to! 
Meet my friends - Crista & Sofia!
Palacio del Gobernador
Manila Cathedral
Fort Santiago

It was the perfect day off of school work...which was what I absolutely needed! I highly recommend Bambike Ecotours as an entertaining and fruitful way to learn or rekindle the riveting history of the Philippines. :) 

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